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Special Section: The Exhibitions of Conference 11

By Deborah Winiarski

There was a lot of art on exhibition during the 11th International Encaustic Conference this year. In addition to Depth Perception, co-curated by Joanne Mattera and Cherie Mittenthal at the Cape Cod Museum of Art, six exhibitions featuring work in the medium of encaustic took place in and around Provincetown – two juried exhibitions, two curated exhibitions, one invitational and one solo exhibition. Here’s a brief recap.

Sense of Place
Juror: Patricia Miranda
Castle Hill Gallery
May 23 – June 9, 2017

Sense of Place was juried by artist, educator, and curator Particia Miranda. In the prospectus, Miranda stated that ‘A sense of place is something that we ourselves create in the course of time. It is the result of habit or custom . . . A particular experience of a person in a particular setting . . .” This thematic exhibition included the work of twenty-six artists whose work emanated a ‘sense of place.’

 From left: Diana González Gandolfi; Kelly Steinke, top; Dietlind Vander Schaaf, bottom; 
Lia Rothstein, Shelley Gilchrist, Steven Cabral; Kelly Steinke, top; Julia Dzikiewicz, bottom; Susan Delgalvis, Marina Thompson
Installation photos: Cherie Mittenthal

From left:  Marilyn Banner, top; Karen Karlsson, bottom; Lia Rothstein, Cindy Martin Lesperance, top; Nancy Whitcomb, bottom; Stephanie Roberts-Camello, Michelle Robinson, Laura Moriarty on pedestal, Patricia Dusman, Christine Shannon Aaron

From left: Pamela W. Wallace, Melissa Morton Lackman; Diana González Gandolfi, top; Julia Dzikiewicz, bottom; Gay Schemp, Nancy Natale; Christine Shannon Aaron, top; Mitchell Visoky, bottom; Stephanie Roberts-Camello; Dorothy Cochran, top; Beverly Rippel, bottom; Nancy Whitcomb

Exhibition artists: Christine Shannon Aaron, Marilyn Banner, Binnie Birstein, Steven Cabral, Dorothy Cochran, Susan Delgalvis, Patricia Dusman, Julia Dzikiewicz, Shelley Gilchrist, Diana González Gandolfi, Karen Ruth Karlsson, Melissa Morton Lackman, Cindy Martin Lesperance, Laura Moriarty, Nancy Natale, Beverly Rippel, Stephanie Roberts-Camello, Michelle Robinson, Lia Rothstein, Gay Schempp, Kelly Steinke, Marina Thompson, Dietlind Vander Schaaf, Mitchell Visoky, Pamela W. Wallace, Nancy Whitcomb


The Space Between Shadow and Light
Curator: Debra Claffey
Gallery X
Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill, Truro
June 1-9, 2017

At Castle Hill’s Gallery X, The Space Between Shadow and Light brought together work by five artists who explore monochrome in black and white. In the exhibition catalog of the same name, curator Debra Claffey writes, “. . . in monochrome, we can feast our eyes on value . . . The elegance of rhythms, the strength of contours, the massiveness of blocks of value appear with an amazing force.”

This exhibition took place as part of the Conference Curatorial Program. This annual program encourages artists to conceive and propose an exhibition to be held in conjunction with the International Encaustic Conference.

Gallery X with exhibition banner
Photo: Dora Ficher

Left and Right:  Christine Shannon Aaron; Pat Spainhour, center
Installation photos:  Debra Claffey

Paula Roland, left; Toby Sisson

Debra Claffey

Exhibition artists: Christine Shannon Aaron, Debra Claffey, Paula Roland, Toby Sisson, Pat Spainhour

Curators: Sherrie Posternak and Lia Rothstein
Julie Heller East, Provincetown
June 2-8, 2017

Another Conference Curatorial Program exhibition, Photosynthesis, was hosted by Julie Heller East in Provincetown. Co-curators, Sherrie Posternak and Lia Rothstein brought together six artists, including themselves, whose work combines encaustic and photography in various ways. In the exhibition catalog, they write, ”Applying wax to a photograph can exponentially extend the meaning of an image. The texture of the surface and the invitingly sensuous and tactile sheen of the waxes add to the visual and emotional impact of the underlying handmade photographic work.”

From left: Fran Forman, Janise Yntema; Sherrie Posternak, pedestal and far right; Lia Rothstein, center pedestal; Wayne Montecalvo, foreground
Photo: Deborah Winiarski

From left: two by Patti Russotti, three by Fran Forman; Sherrie Posternak on pedestal; 
Janise Yntema, far right
Photo: Patti Russotti via Facebook

Lia Rothstein, Fran Forman, Janise Yntema, Sherrie Posternak
Photo: Lia Rothstein 

Exhibiting artists: Fran Forman, Wayne Montecalvo, Sherrie Posternak, Lia Rothstein, Patti Russotti, Janise Yntema


Cherie Mittenthal: New Works
Kobalt Gallery, Provincetown
June 2-15, 2017

Two exhibitions took place this year at Kobalt Gallery in Provincetown. On the ground floor, Cherie Mittenthal, Conference director, had a solo exhibition of New Works, while the mezzanine held the juried show, Alternative Wax – Layers of Facts. Cherie’s solo exhibition included her notable still lifes and Provincetown landscapes.

Panoramic installation view of Cherie Mittenthal’s solo, New Works
Photo: Kobalt Gallery

Above and below: Cherie Mittenthal
Photos: Deborah Winiarski


Alternative Wax – Layers of Facts
Juror: Francine D’Olimpio
Kobalt Gallery, Provincetown
June 2-9, 2017

Alternative Wax - Layers of Facts was a politically themed show juried by Kobalt Gallery director Francine D’Olimpio that included 40 artists from around the globe, each with a unique take on the current political climate.

Panoramic installation view of Alternative Wax-Layers of Facts
Photo: Kobalt Gallery

Top row: Lisa Pressman, Stephanie Roberts-Camello, Mitchell Visoky, Cherie Mittenthal
Bottom row: Kathy Cotter, Beth Johnston, Dorothy Cochran, Deborah Winiarski
Photo: Deborah Winiarski

Top row: Jodi Reeb, Milisa Galazzi, Angel Dean, Jennifer Greely, Christine Shannon Aaron, Dora Ficher. Bottom row: Beverly Rippel, Janise Yntema, Elizabeth Harris, Nancy Whitcomb, Mira White
Photo: Cherie Mittenthal via Facebook  

Exhibiting artists: Christine Shannon Aaron, Binnie Birstein, Edith Rae Brown, Martha Chason-Sokol, Debra Claffey, Dorothy Cochran, Kathy Cotter, Angel Dean, Susan Delgalvis, Patricia Dusman, Julie Dzikiewicz, Dora Ficher, Milisa Galazzi, Jennifer Greely, Penny Gunderson, Ritch Hanna, Elizabeth Harris, Beth Johnston, Susan Lasch-Krevitt, Wayne Montecalvo, Nancy Natale, Louise Noel, Susan Paladino, Samantha Passaniti, Lisa Pressman, Jodi Reeb, Beverly Rippel, Stephanie Roberts-Camello, Ruth Sack, Gay Schempp, Marina Thompson, Mitchell Visoky, Anna Wagner-Ott, Pamela W. Wallace, Deborah Winiarski, Nancy Whitcomb, Mira M. White, Dianna Woolley, Patricia Yanulis, Janise Yntema


Black Tie (optional)
Adam Peck Gallery, Provincetown
June 2-9, 2017

As the name implies, Black Tie (optional), an invitational exhibition at the new Adam Peck Gallery space, was in essence a celebration – of the new Adam Peck Gallery space, the new leadership of the International Encaustic Conference and the sixth anniversary of exhibitions by artists working in encaustic to take place at the gallery during the conference.  Indeed, a black-tie event.

View into the Adam Peck Gallery
Photo: Corina S. Alvarezdelugo via Facebook

Top: Pamela Blum
Middle row: Lynda Ray, Anna Wagner-Ott, Adam Peck, Diana González Gandolfi, Susan Paladino. Bottom row: Dawna Bemis, Sherrie Posternak, Dorothy Cochran, Cherie Mittenthal, Sara Mast. Table: Lisa Zukowski, Laura Moriarity; pedestal far right: Karen Frazer
This and two following photos: Deborah Winiarski

Top: Susan Lasch Krevitt
Middle row: Lisa Pressman, Kay Hartung, Kathy Cantwell. Bottom row: Patricia Dusman, Kathy Cotter, Marie-Claude Allen

 From top:  Martha Chason-Sokol, Julie Snidle, Fanne Fernow

Exhibiting artists: Christine Shannon Aaron, Marie-Claude Allen, Corina Alvarezdelugo, Dawna Bemis, Binnie Birstein, Pamela Blum, Karen Bright, Kathy Cantwell, Martha Chason-Sokol, Debra Claffey, Dorothy Cochran, Linda Cordner, Kathy Cotter, Cat Crotchett, Helen Dannelly, Susan Delgalvis, Patricia Dusman, Fanne Fernow, Karen Frazer, Milisa Galazzi, Lorraine Glessner, Diana Gonzalez Gandolfi, Jennifer Greely, Kay Hartung, Jeff Hirst, Karen Hubacher, Susan Lasch Krevitt, Sara Mast, Joanne Mattera, Cheryl McClure, Cherie Mittenthal, Laura Moriarty, Nancy Natale, Louise Noel, Susan Paladino, Adam Peck, Sherrie Posternak, Lisa Pressman, Lynda Ray, Stephanie Roberts-Camello, Paula Roland, Lia Rothstein, Julie Snidle, Patricia Spainhour, Marina Thompson, Dietlind Vander Schaaf, Mitchell Visoky, Anna Wagner-Ott, Charyl Weissbach, Deborah Winiarski, Dianna Woolley, Lisa Zukowski

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