Thursday, September 14, 2017

Editor's Choice: In Praise of Experience

A confluence of people and events suggested this issue's Editor's Choice, and all have to do with women, achievement, and age. 

First came news of Nancy Youdelman's retrospective at the Fresno Art Museum, Fashioning a Feminist Vision, 1972-2017. You don't get a retrospective until you have a substantial body of work to look back upon. Nancy is 69. Susan Lasch Krevitt visited the exhibition just before it closed in late August and reports on it in this issue.

From left: Nancy Youdelman at her retrospective; Nancy Azara discussing her work; the opener of my curated blog post, which features Azara's Ghost Ship

Then came Nancy Azara's exhibition Passage of the Ghost Ship: Trees and Vines, at the Saint Gaudens Memorial in Cornish, New Hampshire, which ran all summer. Nancy, who is somewhere north of 70, has been a working sculptor her entire life. This exhibition showcased her newest work, which included a metaphorical boat fashioned of vines, suggestive of her passage into the always-uncharted personal waters of what comes next. 

Inspired by Nancy Azara's journey, I curated An Aggregate of Forces: 60 Women Artists Over 60 on my blog and featured her sculpture as the opening image. The works of a number of other ProWax members are included in the article, a few of which are shown below. (Not all the work is encaustic, but then we're not "encaustic artists.") -- J.M.

Karen Freedman; Shelley Gilchrist

Jeri Eisenberg

Patti Russotti

Darla Bjork, whose solo show, Sanctuary, is at SoHo 20 in Bushwick, Brooklyn, through October 8

Lynette Haggard; Binnie Birstein

Nancy Natale

Toby Sisson

Susan Lasch Krevitt

Debra Ramsay, who talks to Nancy Natale about her work in this issue

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