Monday, March 13, 2017

Coming in Issue 17

We're already working on Issue 17, which will be published in early July.
Look for:
. Our regular features, like In Five Words,  Essential Questions. and Studio Visit--edited respectively by Debra Claffey, Jane Guthridge, and Paula Fava
. A curated post by Deborah Winiarski
. Part 2 of  Nancy Natale's interview with Patricia Miranda, Artist-Run Culture 
A Conversation About Cold Wax, in which Rebecca Crowell, Lora Murphy, Carol Pelletier, Miles Conrad, and Hylla Evans talk to Joanne Mattera about wax that needs no heat to be workable
. And there's a good chance we'll have reports and photos from Conference 11

This painting, in oil and cold wax, is by Rebecca Crowell.
She'll tell you all about it in Issue 17

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