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Exhibitions During the 12th International Encaustic Conference 

One of the great features of the International Encaustic Conference is the opportunity to see—and perhaps show in—the many exhibitions that take place before, during, and after the Conference. Exhibitions take place in a variety of ways and places: as extensions of the Conference, like the juried show at Castle Hill in Truro; those in Provincetown under the aegis of the Conference Curatorial Program, such as at the Julie Heller Gallery; or as shows curated by artists or galleries, timed to take place during the run of the Conference. We begin this long visual post at the far East End of Commercial street, with the curated exhibition at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum, and end at the far West End with the invitational at the Adam Peck Gallery. Then we hop over to Castle Hill for more.

Organic to Geometric: Investigations in Structure and Surface at PAAM

Installation panorama of Organic to Geometric

We start our gallery walk at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum, which hosted Organic to Geometric: Investigations in Structure and Surface, curated by Carol Pelletier. The exhibition ran May 25-June 24.

Photo: Carol Pelletier

A catalog, viewable online at no cost, or to purchase, is here


About the exhibition Pelletier writes: "The organic in this exhibition includes references to the ethereal and the ephemeral, to strata, texture and line found in nature, to human flesh and tears, to animal hide and hornlike forms. It alludes to struggle, resistance, and resilience. The geometric refers to a long history of structure, pattern, and color while holding a more formal posture. It is about repetition and rhythm, and can define space without the allusion to anything found in nature. It can be mathematical, layered and complex, or methodically reduced to the elemental."

Clockwise around the gallery on wall: Jeffrey Hirst, Toby Sisson,  Linda Cordner, Cherie Mittenthal, Lisa Pressman, Timothy McDowell. On pedestals from left: Laura Moriarty, Lynette Haggard, Susan Lasch Krevitt

Closer view below: Sisson and Lasch Krevitt

Continuing clockwise:  Cordner, Mittenthal, Pressman, McDowell, Joanne Mattera, Christine Aaron
On pedestals: Miles Conrad

Debra Claffey, Conrad, Ruth Hiller, Nancy Natale, Pamela Blum

Conrad, Hiller, Natale, Blum, Binnie Birstein

With Miles Conrad in the foreground: Blum, Birstein, Shelley Gilchrist, Lorraine Glessner, Karen Hubacher

With Lynette Haggard in the foreground: Blum, Birstein, Glessner, Hubacher, Milisa Galazzi

Below, another perspective: To the right of Haggard sculpture, Karen Freedman

Continuing: Gilchrist, Glessner, Hubacher, Galazzi, Freedman, David A. Clark, Howard Hersh, Hirst
Conrad on near pedestal; Lynette Haggard and Laura Moriarty on far pedestals

Foreground: Laura Moriarty; far wall: Clark, Hersh
Photos: Joanne Mattera, except as noted; Karen Freedman photo courtesy of the artist

The complete list of 24 artists: Christine S. Aaron, Binnie Birstein, Pamela Blum, Debra Claffey, David A. Clark, Miles Conrad, Linda Cordner, Karen Freedman, Milisa Galazzi, Shelley Gilchrist, Lorraine Glessner, Lynette Haggard, Howard Hersh, Jeffrey Hirst, Ruth Hiller, Karen Hubacher, Susan Lasch Krevitt, Joanne Mattera, Timothy McDowell, Cherie Mittenthal, Laura Moriarty, Nancy Natale, Lisa Pressman, and Toby Sisson.

. . . . . .

Constellations at Julie Heller East

Across the street from PAAM is the Julie Heller East Gallery. Heller, a fixture in the Provincetown art scene, has long hosted an exhibition during Conference time. This exhibition, Constellations, featured the work of printmaker Dorothy Cochran and painter Lynda Ray, both renowned as teachers as well as visual artists. The exhibition ran June 1-13.

Left: Postcard for the show

Lynda Ray and Dorothy Cochran during the opening of their show. Invited by Julie Heller to show together, the two artists mounted a show of their work in the dealer’s East End gallery

 “Julie gave us the space. She thought our work would be good together,” says Lynda. Adds Dorothy, “We curated our work and did everything related.”  The result was Constellations, which the artists describe as a “shared inspiration evoking science, spirituality, and the invisible.” 
Photo: Courtesy of the gallery

Two walls in the gallery were given over to Constellations. Ray's paintings are shown left, Cochran's on the right. Photo: Lynda Ray

Below: The large framed print faced the window, beckoning to gallerygoers to enter

. . . . . 

Keep it 100 at On Center Gallery

Winston Lee Mascarenhas, an artist represented by On Center Gallery, curated this eclectic exhibition which he felt represented the best of what is being done in encaustic today. Keeping it 100 is contemporary vernacular for authentic. The gallery directors, Jill Rothenberg-Simmons and Scot Presley, described the show as "what’s fresh, happening, and exciting in the world of contemporary artists incorporating encaustic and cold wax in their art practice." The exhibition ran June 1-14. More about the show here.

Street-facing window featuring the work of Jodi Reeb. Photo: Winston Lee Mascarenhas

Installation panoramas, above and below

Clockwise around the gallery: Patricia Dusman, Paula Roland, Janise Yntema, Joanne Mattera, Stephanie Roberts-Camello,  Dorothy Cochran, Cherie Mittenthal, Lia Rothstein, wall and pedestal.  Foreground pedestal: Susan Stover
Photo: Winston Lee Mascarenhas

Above: Roberts-Camello, Cochran, Mittenthal

Below: Kay Hartung, painting and sculpture

Far wall: two by Howard Hersh; near wall: two by Miles Conrad; Deborah Kapoor sculpture and paintings

At the top of the stairs: Pamela Winegard

In the side window: Jodi Reeb; far wall: Winston Lee Mascarenhas
Photos: Joanne Mattera except as noted

The complete list of  artists: Dorothy Cochran, Miles Conrad, Patricia Dusman, Leslie Giuliani, Kay Hartung, Howard Hersh, Deborah Kapoor, Winston Lee Mascarenhas, Joanne Mattera, Cherie Mittenthal, Jodi Reeb, Stephanie Roberts-Camello, Paula Roland, Lia Rothstein, Susan Stover, Dietlind Vander Schaaf, Pamela Winegard, and Janise Yntema

. . . . .

The Blues at Adam Peck Gallery

Marian and Adam Peck have been enthusiastic supporters of the Encaustic Conference, mounting a weeklong show every year since 2012. You are heroes! Thank you! With each exhibition there is a theme, which makes for continuity in shows that can include up to 50 invited artists.

This year it was The Blues, which the Pecks describe as "Cobalt, cerulean, turquoise. Whole tones and horns, love loss, good days and those other days and nights. The dark starry sky and a burned out summer day. Bluebells and blueberries and the endless colors of the sea."

The Blues ran June 1-6. Marian produced a handsome catalog, which is available for purchase by contacting the gallery.

Left: Marian and Adam. Photo: David Dunlap

Panorama  of part of the exhibition
Photos courtesy of the Adam Peck Gallery except as noted

We start on the far left wall, as seen in the panorama
Top row from left: Cherie Mittenthal, Dorothy Cochran, Sarah Springer
Bottom row: Mitchell Visoky, Angel Dean, Lia Rothstein, Martha Chason-Sokol, Cat Crotchett

Not visible in the panorama: Louise Noël
Photo courtesy of the artist

Top: Pamela Blum
Middle row: Susan Paladino, Karen Fraser, Julie Snidle
Bottom row: Linda Cordner, Kay Hartung, Binnie Birstein, Jody Boyer (below Binnie), Joanne Mattera, Caryl St. Ama

Kathy Cantwell painting; Lisa Zukowski sculpture
Photo: Corina Alvarezdelugo

Pat Spainhour monotype (with forged metal frame by Paul Spainhour); Susan Stover sculpture

Cool blues: Ray Cochran and gallery assistant looking cool outside the gallery in their blue shades, courtesy of the gallery. Every artist got a pair. Photo: Dorothy Cochran

The complete list of 46 artists: Susanne K. Arnold, Michael Billie, Pamela Blum, Karen Bright, Kathy Cantwell, Melissa Chapin, Martha Chason-Sokol, Dorothy Cochran, Joyce Coolidge, Linda Cordner, Kathleen Cosgrove, Cat Crotchett, Angel Dean, Patricia Dusman, Karen Frazer, Allison Fullerton, Elizabeth Garrett, Kay Hartung, Eliaichi Kimaro, Susan Lasch Krevitt, Joanne Mattera, Cherie Mittenthal, Louise Noel, Susan Paladino, Deborah Peeples, Susan Poirier, Sherrie Posternak, Lisa Pressman, Lynda Ray, Jodi Reeb, Stephanie Roberts-Camello, Lia Rothstein, Patricia Russotti, Julie Snidle, Patricia Spainhour (with Paul Spainhour), Sarah Springer, Caryl St. Ama, Susan Stover, Dietlind Vander Schaaf, Mitchell Visoky, Anna Wagner-Ott, Pamela W. Wallace, Charyl Weissbach, Dianna Woolley, Janise Yntema, Lisa Zukowski.

. . . . .

Meanwhile, at Castle Hill in Truro

Two exhibitions took place on the Castle Hill campus on Meetinghouse Road: Trans, the Conference show juried, and Place Through Process at Gallery 10. Cherie Mittenthal, who is both conference director and artistic director of Castle Hill, oversaw the project. This year, she gave us a peek of her own work as well.

Trans, the Conference Juried Show

This was the challenge extended to artists: "Trans: a prefix occurring in loanwords from Latin transcend; transfix; on this model, used with the meanings “across,” “beyond,” “through,” “changing thoroughly,” “transverse,” in combination with elements of any origin; or a prefix meaning “on the other side of,” referring to the misalignment of one’s gender identity with one’s biological sex assigned at birth. Other words include: transaction, transfer, transferred, transformer, transparent, transitive, translated, transpose, transverse, transsexual, translation... so many options!"

Juror Tim Doud--artist, art professor at  American University in Washington, D.C., and co-director of the collaborative project space, Sindikit, in Baltimore, selected the work of 22 artists: 
 Pamela Blum, Miles Conrad, Joyce Coolidge, Pam Cullen-Schneider, Patricia Dusman, Paula Cecilia Fava, Amy Finder, AJ Grossman, Karen Ruth Karlsson, Sandra Koberlein, Maryanne O’Brien, Deborah Peeples, Jodi Reeb, Kelly Austin-Rolo, Lia Rothstein, Bettina Egli Sennhauser, Pat Spainhour, Sarah Springer, Anne Strout, Dietlind Vander Schaaf, Michiko Watanabe, and Janise Yntema.   

Installation panorama
Photos: Cherie Mittenthal except as noted

We work our way clockwise around the room: Pat Spainhour, Michiko Watanabe; Janise Yntema (top of two) and Kelly Austin-Rolo; Sarah Springer,  Pamela Blum (on vertical beam), Anne Strout; Dietlind Vander Schaaf (top of two) and Paula Fava. Sculptures: Pam Cullen-Schneider, left, and Miles Conrad

Strout, Vander Schaaf, Fava, Karen Ruth Karlsson, Joyce Coolidge (in corner), Patricia Dusman, Michiko Watanabe. Conrad sculpture on pedestal

Watanabe, Lia Rothman, AJ Grossman with her geometric abstraction, Jodi Reeb. Cullen-Schneider on pedestal. Photo courtesy of AJ Grossman

Dietlind Vander Schaaf, Kelly Austin-Rolo, Pat Spainhour, Patricia Dusman (on vertical beam), Deborah Peeples; Paula Fava (top of two) and Amy Finder; Sandra Koberlein. Cullen-Schneider on pedestals

Dusman, Peeples, Fava, Finder, Koberlein;  Pamela Blum (top of two) and Janise Yntema; Mary Anne O'Brien, Sarah Springer. Cullen-Schneider on pedestal

. . . . .

Place Through Process at Gallery 10

The charming little building that serves as both library and gallery housed a two-artist show with the paintings of Cherie Mittenthal and Stephanie Roberts-Camello.

Above: Mittenthal's small paintings, left, and framed Roberts-Camello

Below: Roberts-Camello's collages and maniuplated paintings, left, and Mittenthal paintings
Photos: Stephanie Roberts-Camello

Credits and links
. Special thanks to Corina Alvarezdelugo, who gathered these images from various sources and sized them for publication, and to Louise Noël, who put artists' names to their work in the Castle Hill show
. Further reading: Anna Wagner-Ott's article on the Conference, which appeared in Vasari 21

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